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October baking schedule

Here’s what’s in the store for October:

Pick up/drop off is scheduled for Mondays.

Catering · Subscriptions

Introducing: subscription baked goods for delivery and pick-up

The idea for this subscription is to rotate delicious recipes on regular basis and bake them fresh to order (pick up or delivery). To test the frequency I will start with a weekly baking schedule.
minimum order is a single batch of the current offering. One batch is priced at $20 and defined as:
  • 10-12 muffins or 22-24 mini muffins
  • 13-15 cookies
  • approximately 18 x 12 cm cake pan
  • 1 pie
In addition I will offer speciality items for special occasions, such as Halloween, Xmass, Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned for those!
If you would like to subscribe please contact me.