Home-made from scratch

Each of my baked creations is made fresh from scratch by me. I find, test and modify recipes before arriving at the final product. I use a number of different sources for recipies: family (especially old female Polish relatives), blogs, books, magazines.

Local, organic and natural ingredients

I choose my ingredients very carefully. In my baking, I use exclusively Oak Manor organic flours and their other baking ingredients. Whenever possible and depending on the order I use organic, sustainable and local ingredients. I do not use either artificial or carcinogenic flavours nor artificial sweeteners (unless requested).

Balanced sugar content

I  use only enough sugar to compliment flavours and not overpower them. I find that sugar is significantly overused in contemporary baking. This approach is often taken to increase the monetary return by appealing to the basic human craving for sweetness. I have a deep hatred for this practise; not only is it unhealthy, it demonstrates laziness and greed on the part of the baker.