I LOVE being in the kitchen, signing to my hand mixer in high falsetto, and cracking eggs.

I am a baker-scientist hybrid. Outside of the kitchen, I am pursuing a PhD reconstructing past vegetation changes over the last 4000 years in southern Africa. Baking helps me cope with stress related to my PhD and research. In contrast to research, baking takes little time to produce amazing results! I have been exploiting this psychological loop to get through my PhD relatively intact and sane.

Over the years my friends and family enjoyed my baked creations and encouraged me to pursue baking in a different capacity… so here we are!

This blog is a record of my culinary voyages spiced it with a lot of photos, sprinkled with a few recipes, and mixed with some of my thoughts on culinary subjects.

I am also developing a subscription based baking business in Toronto. Please feel free to reach out and connect if you are interested in collaboration, catering or subscription.