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Domori Chocolates Review

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate…

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Jams and preserves · Reviews and opinions

Black currant jam

The fruit I miss the most are black currants (also know as cassis or Ribes nigrum). I grew up drinking hectolitres of my favourite black currant juice (diluted with other juices of course) and gobbling black currant jam. These little berries are very abundant in the rural southern Poland. Currently, they are so cheap that people stopped picking them because it costs less to let them rot than pick.

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Jams and preserves · Reviews and opinions


I love everything about home made jam: it’s versatility, the making process, the fact I can lock up the flavour of seasonal fruit and enjoy it later. I have many uses for jams: traditional spread for toasts/bagels,as a sweetener to my yogurt and granola and as an additive to baking (cookies/cakes), ice-cream or deserts. But my favourite way to enjoy a high quality jam is with a spoon that goes straight to my mouth! All these uses call for a variety of consistencies and sweetness levels which sometimes is hard to find. Continue reading “Jam…balaya!”