Birthday cupcakes for Sophia and Amelia

Birthday girls with their cupcakes. Make a wish Amelia!

This past Sunday (Sept 22, 2016) I was asked to bake 36 cupcakes for a birthday party for two sisters who celebrated their 6th and 3rd birthdays. The party was held at an extremely fun looking place! I wish we had places like that for grown ups in Toronto! Do we…?

Fun frosting styles for a fun party!

I made my classic chocolate and vanilla cupcakes which I frosted with chocolate and vanilla cream cheese frosting. Although it is and more difficult to work than a butter cream, the cream cheese frosting has its advantages: is more flavourful, it is not as fatty and requires less sugar (saving kids from white addiction and death!). I wanted my cupcakes to match the nature of a kids’ party and the fun mood of the venue so I decided to decorate them in a variety of styles. Check out what the parents thought about the cupcakes.

Chocolate cups with free-styled frosting.

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