Carol’s wedding


At the beginning of August I had the privilege of catering a wedding for a beautiful bride and her handsome groom. For their special day, Carol and Evan chose an alternative cake. Or should I say, cakes?… 100 cupcakes to be precise!

Chocolate and vanilla base cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate-butter scotch cream cheese frosting

My first catering gig was a blast! I made 3 types of cupcakes for the happy couple. As Carol and Evan love chocolate and vanilla, I decided to make them my best chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. I iced those with vanilla and chocolate-butter scotch cream cheese frosting. These were approved by Carol and Evan during a tasting session during which we also decided to mix and match the favours and colours to create a very complementary variety of cupcakes: vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing (grooms’ favourite) and butter-scotch frosting, and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and butter-scotch frosting. Not only did the cupcakes taste great, they looked very cute too.

Blueberry cupcakes with lemon frosting.

To add a fruity twist, the third cupcake was blueberry (made with fresh blueberries) and lemon cream cheese. Definitely not your traditional cupcake but then again, neither are Carol and Evan.


I am proud to report that Carol and Evan were happy with the cupcakes. Check out what they said here.




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