Spiced pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing

Fall inspired cake…

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March baking schedule

The baking schedule for March is here:
  • Week 1, Mar 5: Bounty tart (chocolate and coconut)
  • Week 2, Mar 12: Maple bacon scones
  • Week 3, Mar 19: Lemon twist with white cheese
  • Week 4, Mar 26: Cardamon Pulla bread

Special feature for St. Patrick’s Day: Grasshopper Pie (alcoholic); pick up/delivery on Friday March 16th.

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Domori Chocolates Review

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate…

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Chocolate Truffle Mud Cake

I categorically refuse to be enslaved by the western consumerism.

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Chipotle scones with cheddar and ham

Mmm… satisfying bits of savoury joy…

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February baking schedule

Baking schedule for February is here!

Pick up/drop off is scheduled for Mondays.

Pierogi are priced at $20 per kilo which is equivalent to 1 batch and about 38-40 individual pieces (9 or 8 cm in diameter before folding). They are made freshly to order but frozen prior to delivery, otherwise they turn into goop. I will not be able to accommodate last minute orders so please let me know a week in advance if you are interested.
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Lady Grey lemon loaf with poppy seeds

Nice and easy recipe to enjoy with friends or colleges over a coffee (or tea in my case).

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Hot cacao

The best winter drink!

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Chocolate tasting and tour at Finca la Anita

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Shit got real

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